Personal Stories

Getting into Youth Work

I have loved spending time with Catalyst and more importantly I have loved getting alongside young people who are struggling in school. One of my highlights was seeing a young person who hated school come to love school through our support groups. Now that young person is dealing really well with GCSEs and overall has a greater love for school.

[SWYM trainee working with Catalyst]

What we achieved:

  • We have given a student an opportunity to become a youth worker and help young people to achieve

A Key Support System

I have been supported by Catalyst now since year 7 and they have helped me so much. I really enjoy the sessions they led and it has helped me deal with stuff in school.  [young person in school]

What we achieved:

  • We have supported a young person throughout their education and helped them overcome problems in school

Building Positive Relationships

The Support Group helped me with my anger towards my friends, family and teachers. The group helped me to deal with this anger in a more helpful way, which meant that I was able to learn well in school and have a better relationship with my friends and family. [Y9 support group student]

What we achieved:

  • We have helped a young person to build positive relationships in school and to strengthen their personal relationships

Our Work Makes a Difference

During the support groups, I have loved being able to help a few young people with their self-worth. One of the Year 9 girls used to not be able to see anything positive in her life and she used to think that everyone was judging her physical appearance and her opinions. Since I have been supporting her, she has been able to identify some positive elements of her appearance and she has been able to appreciate her opinions. Moreover, she has seen that not everyone is judging her but that some people really appreciate her. [SWYM trainee supporting a Y9 student]

What we achieved:

  • We have provided a young person with the support of a youth worker to build their self-confidence